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What are the key supports for Bitcoin pricing?

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Given the volatility of the last few days, today we’ll tell you what the key supports are in the price of Bitcoin according to the whales clusters.

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The last few days have been ones of great expectation for the crypto world. After, in the middle of the biggest upward rally that the cryptomoney has experienced since 2017. The price of Bitcoin fell more than 15% in a matter of hours, leading many investors and analysts to wonder if this was the end of the BTC’s rise. That’s why today we’re telling you what the key supports are for the price of Bitcoin if it falls again.

Robert Kiyosaki: „Bitcoin points to the moon“
A setback in the Bitcoin rally
For a long time, the crypto community was waiting for the start of a new big rally to raise the price of Bitcoin. Since 2017, the cryptcoin price had been facing high levels of volatility, but without even getting close to its historical maximum price, reached in December 2017.

Two factors have allowed this new rise in the price of Bitcoin. On the one hand there is the third Halving in the BTC Blockchain, which halved the reward received by the cryptomint miners. This effectively led to a slowdown in the rate of expansion of Bitcoin’s money supply. This, in the face of stable or growing demand, was bound to lead to an increase in the BTC price.

However, it is the second factor that has provided sufficient demand to push up the price of cryptomoney. We refer to the growing interest of US institutional investors in the crypto market.

Thus, large investment firms such as Fidelity or large investors such as Paul Tudor Jones, have begun to see Bitcoin as a real alternative to other assets such as gold. Substantially increasing global demand for virtual currency.

3 reasons behind the Bitcoin crash
The key supports of your price
However, although the rise in the price of Bitcoin seemed extremely solid, it has not removed volatility from the equation when it comes to BTC. This was clear from the drop in price on Wednesday, when the crypt currency fell from $19,374 per BTC to $16,490, before beginning to recover to the $17,715 it was trading at the time of writing.

For this reason it is crucial to know which are the key supports of Bitcoin’s price, anticipating that it may suffer a further fall in the next few days. To do this we use the whale clusters, available from Whalemap. These are the sectors in which the whales last acquired Bitcoin, and therefore give us an indication of the support areas in the market.

The whale clusters show the key supports for the price of Bitcoin. Source: Whalemap
The whale clusters show the key supports for the price of Bitcoin. Source: Whalemap
And in this sense, we would find supports around 16,694, 16,411 and 16,064 dollars. Likewise, going below the price, there would be supports of this type at 16,000, 15,355, 14,914 and 13,740 dollars. Therefore we must be aware of these price levels in the coming weeks, to understand when the price of Bitcoin could continue to fall, and when it would be preparing a return to the uptrend.

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29. November 2020

IRS avverte ancora una volta gli investitori

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IRS avverte ancora una volta gli investitori di Crypto che i loro guadagni non sono stati segnalati

L’IRS sta dicendo agli investitori criptati che potrebbero aver sottovalutato i loro guadagni e le loro perdite, ma questo potrebbe essere dovuto ad un problema tecnico

Per il secondo anno consecutivo, l’Internal Revenue Service (IRS) avverte gli investitori di cripto-valuta che hanno sottovalutato le loro partecipazioni. Ma potrebbe essere un altro falso allarme.

„Decine di persone fisiche“ hanno recentemente ricevuto un avviso secondo il quale sono debitori di imposte sui guadagni derivanti da partecipazioni criptate che non hanno segnalato al momento Bitcoin System del deposito nel 2018, secondo un post del blog pubblicato lunedì dal fornitore di software fiscale

Shehan Chandrasekera, responsabile della strategia fiscale di CoinTracker, ha detto che quest’anno ha anche sentito parlare di investitori di CryptoTrader che hanno ricevuto queste lettere.

Le lettere del modulo CP2000 indicano quanto l’IRS ritiene che gli utenti siano in debito e forniscono le date di scadenza per il pagamento. Tuttavia, gli utenti probabilmente non si sono mai resi conto di questi guadagni, e non sono effettivamente in debito con questi fondi, ha detto

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Lettere simili sono state inviate agli utenti di crypto exchange l’anno scorso. All’epoca, Justin Woodward, il co-fondatore di TaxBit, un altro fornitore di software, disse a CoinDesk che le persone ricevevano lettere perché il loro scambio riportava le transazioni all’IRS utilizzando il modulo 1099-K. Questo modulo IRS mostra tutte le transazioni come generatrici di entrate, anche se alcune transazioni hanno effettivamente comportato una perdita per l’utente.

Di conseguenza, uno scambio potrebbe riportare un onere fiscale drammaticamente gonfiato per l’utente. Le lettere inviate nel 2019 erano relative all’anno fiscale 2017.

Lo stesso problema sembra verificarsi anche quest’anno, secondo il post del blog

„Questi contrattempi fiscali legati alla crittografia di CP2000 derivano tutti dal fatto che Coinbase e altri scambi utilizzano il modulo 1099K per segnalare all’IRS i proventi della crittografia. Questo è un problema“, ha detto il post del blog.

Secondo una foto sul post del blog di CryptoTrader, almeno un utente di Coinbase è sicuramente interessato. Non è chiaro se anche gli utenti di altri scambi ricevono queste lettere.

Gli utenti che ricevono uno di questi moduli dovrebbero calcolare i loro guadagni e le loro perdite effettive e segnalarli all’IRS, ha detto il post.

Gli scambi potrebbero prevenire questo problema inviando rapporti 1099-B all’IRS, che segnano accuratamente i guadagni e le perdite, piuttosto che i moduli 1099-K focalizzati sul commercio, l’altro co-fondatore di TaxBit, Austin Woodward, ha detto a CoinDesk a marzo.

All’epoca, egli disse che „non c’è mai stata una chiara guida IRS che [il 1099-K] fosse il modulo corretto“.

I portavoce dell’IRS e di Coinbase non hanno immediatamente risposto alle richieste di commento.

24. November 2020

The ProBit Exchange platform places DeFi at the heart of its strategy

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If you are passionate about the cryptosphere, you have certainly witnessed the tsunami called decentralized finance (DeFi). Having submerged the cryptocurrency market in a few months, the phenomenon is like a financial jungle where even insiders can hardly find their way around. Don’t panic, however: the ProBit exchange platform offers you a professional and secure trading environment , with DeFi projects selected with the greatest attention.

This promotional article was produced in collaboration with Bitcoin Circuit.

A booming DeFi market

Since the start of summer 2020, crypto projects in decentralized finance have all simply exploded . The DeFi market, valued at less than $ 1 billion until February 2020, suddenly attracted envy before reaching an all-time high of more than $ 13.86 billion in crypto-assets, stored in the various existing protocols / dApps / smart contracts.

Total value (in billions of dollars) of cryptocurrencies locked in DeFi projects – Source: DefiPulse
However, with the incredible success of this brand new financial paradigm, many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this windfall to attempt incongruous fundraising. Using Liquidity Mining processes , copy paste of already popular projects, but also scams of all kinds have invaded the ecosystem.

While decentralized exchanges cannot by nature have any control over the tokens made available to users, platforms such as ProBit establish rigorous pre-selections, in order to avoid any disappointment.

ProBit offers you the ideal setting to enjoy DeFi

ProBit Exchange offers you no less than 35 tokens belonging to Decentralized Finance, all selected with the greatest care. LINK , YFI , JST , BAND , FTM projects and many others are thus present.

To easily find all these projects in one click , you also have a tab dedicated to DeFi projects on the ProBit trading interface (top left in the screenshot below).

ProBit platform trading interface, here on the „DeFi“ tab

With more than 800,000 active users every month , ProBit is also one of the safest crypto exchanges in the world. You can also find our full review on ProBit here .

18. November 2020

YFI Recupera $20K como Aniversário da Governança Financeira

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YFI Recupera $20K como Aniversário da Governança Financeira Aprova o Token Buyback

A Yearn Finance venceu a Bitcoin na corrida para reivindicar US$ 20.000 novamente.

O símbolo de governança do protocolo YFI subiu para $20.770 durante a sessão de negociações do início da terça-feira. Seu movimento para cima elevou o preço em 178,42% em relação ao seu nadir do início de novembro Bitcoin Profit, confirmando o início de uma forte recuperação que se seguiu a uma queda de 83%.

O rally de revivalismo da YFI seguiu a decisão da PolyChain Capital, um fundo de hedge habilitado para a criptografia, de comprar quase 2% do novo fornecimento da YFI em duas rodadas de negociação. Também surgiu quando a Yearn Finance aprovou uma nova proposta de melhoria após uma rodada de votação de três dias.
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De acordo com a Proposta de Melhoria Anual 54 (YIP-54) listada em seu site oficial, a atualização permite que os membros da comunidade realizem auditorias trimestrais relacionadas a hackathons, auditorias de segurança, subsídios, recompensas de bugs e salários.

A YIP-54 também permite que um „Fundo de Operações“ recém-formado „compre de volta a YFI ou outros ativos a seu critério“. A proposta pretende atribuir mais recursos de utilidade à YFI, tornando-a assim um investimento atrativo como o ETH do Ethereum. Jason Choi, investidor anjo, comentou:

„[Na minha sincera opinião,] [YIP-54] é um modelo melhor do que comprar e queimar, pois 1) introduz a demanda real de compra de token e vincula [o] valor da plataforma ao valor do token, e 2) cria pele no jogo para os contribuintes, pois parte dos fundos de operação estarão em token nativo agora“.

A governança também propôs o lançamento de um plano de aquisição de direitos de longo prazo para os investidores que procuram trancar seus tokens YFI em cofres da Yearn por um período de tempo prolongado. Esta característica pode vir na próxima proposta de melhoria.
Qual é o próximo passo para a YFI?

A perspectiva de mais casos de uso, juntamente com estratégias de rendimento de longo prazo, poderia aumentar o apetite dos investidores pela YFI. Enquanto isso, cerca de US$ 1,1 bilhão em ETH está deixando o pool de liquidez do UniSwap na terça-feira, o que poderia abrir caminho para os cofres da Yearn Finance.

„Parece que a maioria dos ETH que estão sendo retirados está sendo convertida em moedas estáveis, então podemos ver alguns outros protocolos receberem algum amor ( $YFI, $AVE, $CRV, $REN) à medida que o dinheiro se move“, observou o analista de mercado Jacob Canfield. „Observe o TVL (valor total bloqueado? aumenta nas próximas 48 horas“.

A narrativa técnica da YFI também está mostrando um resultado de alta até agora, conforme concordado por muitos analistas.

A YFI parece estar prestes a explodir deste triângulo ascendente perfeito. 📈⬆️🚀

– Alex Saunders 🇦🇺👨🔬 (@AlexSaundersAU) 17 de novembro de 2020

A taxa de câmbio YFI/USD era de US$ 20.220 na época da imprensa.

18. November 2020

MicroStrategy’s heeft in 3 jaar tijd meer winst gemaakt met Bitcoin dan met de werkelijke activiteiten.

Published Post author

In korte tijd werd MicroStrategy een lieveling van de cryptografische industrie, nadat het honderden miljoenen had toegezegd. De beslissing lijkt zijn vruchten af te werpen, aangezien het bedrijf tot nu toe heeft geprofiteerd van de beslissing.

Bitcoin verhoogt de resultaten van Q3

Eerder deze week publiceerde de aanbieder van cloud-based bedrijfsoplossingen zijn financiële resultaten voor het derde kwartaal van 2020. Het bedrijf rapporteerde sterke fundamenten, niet in de laatste plaats gesteund door de beslissing om over te stappen op de Bitcoin-standaard.

De bedrijfsleider Michael Saylor noemde de resultaten enkele van de beste in een decennium, omdat de winst per aandeel $2,06 bedroeg – veel hoger dan de voorspelling van de Wall Street-analisten van $0,04. Het bedrijf zag ook een aanzienlijke groei in zijn kernactiviteiten, omdat de inkomsten uit uitgestelde abonnementen en productlicenties toenamen. Het zelfde zou over zijn werkende marge niet-GAAP kunnen worden gezegd.

Zoals verwacht was de olifant in de kamer het besluit van het bedrijf om zijn reserves om te schakelen naar Bitcoin, dat het al in augustus aankondigde. Op dat moment verklaarde MicroStrategy dat het 21.454 BTC kocht voor 250 miljoen dollar. Dagen later bevestigde Saylor in een tweet dat ze verdubbeld waren en kocht ze nog eens $17.000 lopers, wat hun Bitcoin Pro-inzet op $425 miljoen bracht.

Terwijl MicroStrategy een waardeverminderingsverlies van $44,2 miljoen van de Bitcoin-investering meldde, is het vierde kwartaal al heet van de naald. De Bitcoin-prijs herstelde zich vorige week aanzienlijk, vooral dankzij de geplande integratie van de activa in de kernactiviteiten van PayPal vanaf 2021.

De perfecte tijd om naar Bitcoin te verhuizen

Bitcoin zit comfortabel boven de 13.000 dollar. Gezien het feit dat het bedrijf ongeveer $11.500 waard was toen het zijn reserves verplaatste, is het vrij goed hersteld en staat het nu in het zwart.

In een verklaring legde Saylor uit dat Bitcoin deel uitmaakt van het streven van het bedrijf om waarde op lange termijn te leveren aan investeerders. Hij legde uit:

„De aankoop van $425 miljoen aan bitcoin tijdens het kwartaal biedt de mogelijkheid van een groter rendementspotentieel voor investeerders dan het aanhouden van dergelijke saldi in contanten en heeft de algemene zichtbaarheid van MicroStrategy in de markt vergroot“.

Saylor heeft altijd een pragmatische benadering van Bitcoin gedeeld. Vorige maand legde hij Bloomberg uit dat hij het potentieel van de activa op de lange termijn had gezien, hoewel hij geen Bitcoin-stier is, wil hij er alleen maar op inspelen. De CEO haalde ook alle angst voor volatiliteit van zich af en legde aan de nieuwsbron uit dat hij zijn Bitcoin-holdings op elk moment kon liquideren als hij het gevoel had dat de asset op wankele grond stond.

Met hoe goed Bitcoin heeft gepresteerd, is de kans klein dat het bedrijf binnenkort zal worden geliquideerd.

De voordelen van Bitcoin lijken ook dit jaar te overtreffen. Per gegevens van onafhankelijk cryptoonderzoeker Kevin Rooke heeft MicroStrategy meer verdiend aan zijn Bitcoin-investering dan aan zijn kernactiviteiten in de afgelopen drie jaar. Rooke’s gegevens toonden aan dat de recente prijsstijging de Bitcoin-holdings van MicroStrategy naar een waarde van $525 miljoen had verplaatst. De kernactiviteit van het bedrijf heeft daarentegen slechts 78 miljoen dollar aan netto-inkomsten verdiend sinds het eerste kwartaal van 2017.

1. November 2020