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Institutioner ’synes at have gået glip‘ af Bitcoins rally til en ny all-time high: rapport

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Institutionelle investorer ser ud til at have gået glip af bitcoins rally til en ny heltidshøjde over $ 24.000, da mens detailinvestorer udnyttede deres lange positioner, skar institutioner deres og tog overskud.

Ifølge en rapport, der blev offentliggjort af OKEx Insight , nåede den åbne interesse et nyt rekordhøjt niveau på 8,9 milliarder dollars i weekenden, og OKEx førte med 1,6 milliarder dollars i åben interesse.

På samme måde så BTC’s evige swaps, at deres markedspris oversteg indeksprisen, da finansieringssatserne nåede et nyt højdepunkt

I henhold til OKEx Insight indikerer overdrevne finansieringsrater stigende gearing på markedet, hvilket indebærer, at detailinvestorer, der handler på kryptokurrency-børser, udnyttede deres lange positioner, da BTC’s pris steg til sin nye all-time high.

Med henvisning til data fra Chicago Mercantile Exchange, der sluttede lige før BTC flyttede forbi $ 20.000, bemærkede OKEx, at åben interesse „konsekvent faldt i løbet af de sidste tre rapporteringsperioder“, hvilket „fortsætter med at vise, at institutionelle investorer tog overskud, og at de stort set gik glip af den seneste rally. ”

Rapporten tilføjer, at kapitalforvalteres lange positioner faldt fra 544 til 492 foran rallyet, mens korte positioner steg fra m11 til 26.

Leverede fonds lange positioner faldt tilsvarende fra 4.365 til 3.946, mens korte positioner faldt fra 9.354 til 8.702

OKEx Insight skriver, at disse positioner, der falder, og korte positioner øges, indikerer, at kapitalforvaltere og gearede fonde „ikke forventede en stigning i priserne“ og fejlagtigt vurderede markedets opadgående breakout og sandsynligvis troede $ 20.000 modstand ville holde.

Da afviklingsdatoen for kvartalsvise futures og optioner nærmer sig, forventes der mere volatilitet på markedet, da et stort antal udløbende optioner muligvis vil se, at prisen bevæger sig mod „Max Pain“ -punktet, hvilket er stykprisen med den mest åbne kontrakt sætter og ringer.

OK Pain-prisen, OKEx skrev, er omkring $ 23.750, og en bevægelse mod den ville ”medføre økonomisk tab for det største antal optionsejere ved udløb.

25. Dezember 2020

And another record high – Bitcoin cracked $ 24,000 at the weekend

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Bitcoin’s soaring continues, which means that the US $ 24,000 mark has now also been jumped.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) hit a new record high today, December 19th. At the weekend, the market-leading cryptocurrency is on the up again and is adding the next milestone to its current high-altitude flight.

From record high to record high

As data from Cointelegraph Markets and Tradingview show, Bitcoin Up jumped to $ 24,210 today, breaking the previous new record set just this week.

After breaking the previous high of $ 23,777, things went up a little further before the new high came to an end and went down again. The price data shows that there is great pressure to sell at the psychologically important $ 24,000 mark.

„If we? Weekend still a record high,“ as Cointelegraph Markets Analyst Michaël van de Poppe provides questioningly into the room . Bitcoin investors seem to take up this challenge as the bulls keep pushing up.

Expert warns of return

With today’s upswing, the soaring flight of recent weeks continues, with significant gains also being made on weekends , and not just during the week as usual.

Meanwhile, on Saturday , Van de Poppe warned that support will only be available again at $ 18,500. Any return would be unchecked until then.

“Such vertical upswings often don’t last very long. At some point there will be another downturn. Nobody can say when this downturn will come. Bitcoin could climb up to 30,000 US dollars before it goes down again by 30%, ”as the expert summarizes the current situation.

20. Dezember 2020

La più grande criptovaluta statunitense scambia i file Coinbase per IPO mentre il bitcoin supera i $ 23.000

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Il cambio di valuta digitale Coinbase sta diventando pubblico poiché il rinnovato interesse degli investitori per le criptovalute ha spinto il bitcoin ai massimi storici.

Giovedì la società ha annunciato di aver presentato in via riservata una bozza di dichiarazione di registrazione sul modulo S-1 alla Securities and Exchange Commission. Il modulo dovrebbe entrare in vigore dopo che la SEC avrà completato il processo di revisione.

Coinbase archivia in modo confidenziale per IPO

Coinbase, con sede in California, fondata nel 2012, è stata a lungo un punto di riferimento per acquistare e vendere criptovalute e la società è diventata il più grande scambio di valuta digitale negli Stati Uniti

Il deposito dell’azienda arriva sulla scia di un aumento del prezzo del bitcoin. Giovedì la più grande criptovaluta ha registrato un rally di oltre il 12% raggiungendo $ 23.000 per la prima volta record, secondo Coin Metrics, fornitore di dati del mercato crittografico.

La mossa è arrivata solo un giorno dopo che la criptovaluta ha superato per la prima volta il segno di $ 20.000

Con il balzo di giovedì, il bitcoin è aumentato di oltre il 200% per l’anno. Il bitcoin ha attirato molta attenzione da parte degli investitori ultimamente e Paul Tudor Jones e Stanley Druckenmiller sono tra coloro che si sono espressi a favore della criptovaluta. Anche le grandi società finanziarie come PayPal e Fidelity si sono mosse nello spazio.

18. Dezember 2020

Bitcoin crosses the $ 20,000 barrier: what now?

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Bitcoin broke through resistance at $ 19,450.

Bitcoin’s price broke through its former resistance zone at $ 19,450, hitting a new all-time high.

This is probably the 5th wave of a bullish impulse. This wave is expected to push Bitcoin to even higher targets.

Bitcoin Breaks Through Resistance To New All-Time High

On November 16, the price of BTC broke through resistance and has since risen significantly above resistance. It is currently hitting new all-time highs, briefly rising to $ 23,745 before dropping back down.

Although the rally is overbought, technical indicators are bullish. This seems to indicate that BTC will likely continue to rise.

The two hour chart shows that BTC is following an ascending support line, which was validated just before the accelerated upward move on December 16.

The line currently coincides with the 0.5-0.618 fibonacci retracement of the upward movement. A fall allowing this line to be validated would therefore be logical for a healthy correction.

That said, technical indicators are not yet showing any weakness. This indicates that BTC may continue to rise.

In BeInCrypto’s analysis of Bitcoin’s recent wave count , it was stated:

Bitcoin is expected to resume its upward movement and eventually peak between $ 25,500 and $ 26,300, which is the most plausible area for the end of the fifth wave.

Although the wave count is slightly altered, BTC still appears to be in its wave five (in blue below).

The shorter-term count is more ambiguous. BTC appears to be in sub-wave 3 (in orange below) of a five sub-wave formation.

The two most plausible targets for the end of Sub-Wave 3 are found at $ 23,629 and $ 25,819. Then the price is expected to drop slightly, perhaps in order to validate the channel it has breached. It should then go up one last time to complete wave 5.

A decline below the top of Wave 1, at $ 19,918, would negate this wave count.

17. Dezember 2020