Cordobeses win award in Blockchain technology at Hackathon Unitize 2020

Digital Bridge IO, a startup from Cordoba made up of Javier Salomón, Mateo Hepp and Alejandro Pronotti, are the three entrepreneurs who won the „Jury Prize“ at the hackathon Unitize 2020, which took place last July in California, USA. This online event was organized by the San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW), a global event driven by top sponsors Cisco, Salesforce and Berkeley Haas University.

Chainlink, was the company in charge of presenting the award to the Cordobés startup, a company that was selected by Gartner as one of the leading companies in blockchain technology applications, with clients such as Google, Oracle and SWIFT, among others.

The challenge of SFBW was to connect Smart Contracts with external data to a blockchain network, that is, to create a bridge between traditional systems and systems of this new technology.

For this challenge, the Argentines, who live in Córdoba, developed a two-factor authentication oracle that increases the security of a specific use case (in English, two-factor authentication oracle) compatible with Google Authenticator, Auth0, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, Aegis Authenticator, etc.

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San Francisco Blockchain, is a global organization, which seeks to provide education, focused on both consumers and developers, with the aim of pushing the boundaries of blockchain innovation.

The winners of the Hackathon: Digital Bridge IO
Digital Bridge IO, is a startup that connects blockchain networks with traditional systems, a service currently used by the financial sector for quotes and is beginning to be introduced into other verticals as blockchain technology is gaining ground in different industries.

The Argentinean startup, was born from the initiative of the three entrepreneurs from Córdoba, once they met at the E+E Foundation, an entity with more than 10 years of experience, oriented to the formation and integral accompaniment of entrepreneurs in management and business development, where each one developed different projects and discovered common interests, which later led them to constitute Digital Bridge IO.

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Blockchain under development

The blockchain technology is the technology that supports the famous Bitcoin cryptomoney. It is a technology designed to manage a shared and online data record, which is characterized by being verified, secure and immovable. Generally, this technology is associated with transactions with crypto-currency, but its potential is being taken into account to implement it in different areas in private and public environments.

Disruptive technology allows, for example, the distributed storage of files in the „Cloud“, the management of digital identities, or the registration and verification of data. Other possibilities opened up by the system are the automatic execution of contracts, monitoring of supply chains, automated security systems or collaborative economics.

The development of this technology has been growing by leaps and bounds all over the world, and has been increasing in the Republic of Argentina for the last couple of years. There have been several hackathon initiatives on blockchain technology that have been developed in this country, with the aim of training developers and enthusiasts in the Ethereum Code, in the construction of an alternative global financial and computer infrastructure, incorporating disruptive technologies such as, Big Data, IoT, Smart Contracts, DApps, Ethereum, among others.

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In February, Cointelegraph reported that Argentina has companies such as: Zircon Tech, Zarego, Coinfabrick, Cryptologic, KoiBanx, BairesDev and Altoros, dedicated to the development of blockchain technology for entrepreneurship at any stage, offering their consulting services and development of technological solutions in different sectors of the economy in the South American country.


21. August 2020